Happy Valentine's Day to All

Vero wanted to stop by and wish you all a very Happy Valentine's Day.
This is Midnight in Monaco. She was the first Fashion Royalty convention doll ever and was presented to those attending the IFCD in 2003. She is an LE of 500. The fee for that convention was $125.
The dress she is wearing in this photo is from my favorite dress maker in Thailand who has now disappeared from eBay. It's odd because the seller whose label was sewn in to two of my dresses is now selling again after being out to lunch for months. Hmm....
Necklace from a Fashion Royalty outfit.

Here are several other photos I have taken of her.

In the first photo below, Veronique is wearing True Royalty's lingerie as she plays in bed with her tiny poodle.

The second photo has her wearing a Fashion Royalty outfit from the Baltimore convention. I dyed it lavender. I was originally white. Earrings are Dressmaker Details. The handbag is a La Boutique Purse of the Month "Fendi." That was the day I ran around the house looking for things I could dye lavender.

In the third photo, Vero is wearing a copy of Trannytale, an Amanda Lepore doll dress, made by Mio.

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