Onyx Veronique in Silver Society

Onyx Veronique was a Wu Convention upgrade doll. I had two of them; I sold them both. I just bought another and I'm glad I did. This doll is just gorgeous. Her skin is very porcelain-like and her hair is silvery - platinum. This is the only Fashion Royalty doll with this color hair that I can think of. Her eye shadow extends far beyond her eyeliner in a wing-like shape. As soon as I saw her, I thought of Oona, the special competition doll from the Gene convention.

Onyx is dressed in the fabulous silk sheath belonging to an older Veronique called Silver Society. Earrings and bracelet are Shirred Not Shaken Vanessas. Shoes are from La Boutique. Ring by Hilda Westerfield. Purse is a Fashion Royalty item.

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