Tonner's Tiny Kitty

The availability of articulated replacement bodies for Tiny Kitty and the appearance of another little beauty, Simone Rouge, has renewed my interest in these 10 inch gals. I purchased a bunch of bodies and unpacked my Kittys. They got their new bodies, were dressed up in the outfits I had saved and are now on display with my Simones.

Of course I had to purchase several of the new Kittys,

a few that I never got
and some outfits.....it never ends.

There's more but it's too embarassing. LOL


  1. What fantastic photographs! Kitty has such style and a sweet little face!
    I am a little embarrassed of my TK collection, and your photo shoot has inspired me to upgrade their bodies. I had heard you could do that with 16" Tonner dolls, but I wasn't aware it was possible to do with Kitty as well. Oh dear--I can see an impending budget crisis!

  2. Oh Terri Kitty looks soooo cute with her updated body!!

    Can you maybe tell me where i can buy new body's for mine?

    Thank you!!

  3. Hi Alison:
    I purchased mine at the Tonner Store. They do mail order but I would call them up to verify availability.

    toll-free 800.794.2107