Raspberry Sorbet Vivette with Wig-Set from D.A.E.

Several weeks ago D.A.E. Originals put all of their Vivette dolls and her fashions on sale. I didn't care for the first Vivette I had a few years ago but the prices were so tempting that I went ahead and ordered one basic doll and several outfits. I'm glad I did.
The face paint on this version has been softened. Each doll is individually painted by hand according to the D.A.E. website. The face and body blushing is done with an airbrush.
She comes with a basic pink bodysuit, flowered cap, earrings, a bracelet that I broke immediately while trying to put it on, a chain belt, very cute wedge shoes with "glitter embedded clear heels", sunglasses which I broke as well and three wigs. The wigs can be displayed on the adorable wig stand that comes packaged separately inside the shipper. Her head is flocked which keeps the wigs in place. She has applied lashes, too.
This is a strung vinyl doll. I am truly hoping that the creative team of Brian Schafer and David Escobedo resculpt Vivette's legs.

I believe that the body of Vivette has a distorted pair of legs. When I got my first Vivette, I actually wrote to the artists and asked them about it because I thought there was something wrong with her.

Link to D.A.E. Originals: http://www.daeoriginals.com

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