Sister Agnes Dreary - Tonner Doll Company

I think I'm in love. Yesterday Sister Agnes Dreary arrived in all her gorgeous blackness. Upon seeing her, Hubby asked if she was going to a funeral. Tonner hit the mark because if the DH gets it, it's got to be verrrry clear.

Here is the description from the Tonner website:

Sister Dreary is
approximately 16” tall, and she is a vinyl and hard plastic doll with rooted saran hair and hand-detailed, painted eyes. With 15 points of articulated movement, Sister can assume even drearier poses than her younger siblings. Sister Dreary is a NEW head sculpt on a smaller bustline 'Geisha' torso, featuring the SUPERGIRL flat-feet with jointed ankles...

She is absolutely beautiful. Her sculpt is the most sophisticated of all the Tonner modern dolls yet. Her cheekbones do it for her. I had to trim her hair because the bangs were cut in an odd way.

When the prices of her outfits go down, they're mine! List price ranges from about $80. to $95. That's a lot of green for a lot of black. I love Covered in Darkness (top below) with that crazy hat and the long coat. I think the Tea at the Morgue (2nd photo below) would look better with different shoes. Dying to Meet You (last below) is beautiful. Imagine an entire wardrobe of black and navy blue! Wonderful!

Below are pictures from the Tonner site. (No, I don't have permission to use them but I hope to get it.)

Covered in Darkness
Tea At The Morgue
Dying to Meet You

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  1. Your Sister Dreary is beautiful and I like what you did with her bangs. Nice!