Secrets Abound in the Fashion Royalty World!

We just found out whose face mold is being retired but I can't tell until tomorrow. LOL. The W Club police would surely find out and I'd be in lots of trouble. Soooo...tune in on July 31 after 12 noon for the BIG announcement.

On the other hand, the Wu Convention packet that is coming in 2 months has finally been put on-line. They did the same thing last year and when the printed packet arrived, I never even opened it. There was no point. I think that the Toronto convention packet, perhaps because it was my first, was the nicest. I have already faxed in my class choices and my registration for the Avant Garde event. I have to sign up Bob as well for the AG event.
These are the opportunities at that event:
"Those who purchased the deluxe upgrade registration package will receive an Integrity convention store credit for the Royal Kitchen lunch included in that package The opportunity to win each centerpiece doll will be drawn at random during the event. The designation of the rights for the LiveWire and Eclectic dolls will be drawn at random during the event; all attendees will be granted, by random selection, rights for only one of either the LiveWire or Eclectic dolls as described above. Rights are not transferable and are only available to the paid attendee. Centerpieces will be paid for and taken home directly after the luncheon; the LiveWire and Eclectic dolls will be purchased from Integrity Toys later this fall."

The convention collection will consist of five individual dolls and one two-doll giftset.
There will be a new male, Takeo Mizutani. I am assuming he is the Asian male many have wanted.
Adele Makeda as The Muse, Luchia as Hopelessly Captivating, Giselle as Masterpiece Theatre and Agnes as Drama Behind the Drama. The giftset called Elements of Surprise will consist of two new Nu.Face characters named Lillith and Eden. I am excited about that set and the Giselle.

My guess for the convention doll is Eugenia. Perhaps I am hoping.

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  1. Thanks for information on the Convention dolls. The only one I am interested in is Adele.