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SALE ALERT! Radio City Rockette Trunk and The Doll Market's Weekly Web Specials

I'm signed up to receive weekly lists of specials from The Doll Market. Most of the time their prices are not all that good or the merchandise is of no interest to me.  I do love my 10" Madame Alexander Cissettes so when I saw the Radio City Rockette Trunk set offered for $99.97 the juices started flowing. What I do when presented with that type of sale is I search the internet for comparable prices. Right off the bat, Amazon.Com came up with the same doll set for $99.95 and free shipping. Doll Market loses due to the shipping differrence but I know that some of you are boycotting Amazon so, there you go.
The list price is $279.95.

Madame  Alexander Radio City Rockette Trunk Set feat. Cissette
I love trunk sets because of all the outfits and the storage trunk is usually cute as well.

10 inch vinyl fully articulated "Radio City Rockette" Cissette doll has red hair, blue eyes; she comes wearing a blue satin leotard that has crystal embellishments and fur on trim of leotard and opera gloves. A matching white hat, white choker, pantyhose and silver shoes completes this Rockettes look. This Cissette has three different outfits that come in a keepsake trunk; the other two are: a green velveteen pleated dress that has puffed sleeves, silver and crystal accents, fur trimmed hemlines and a matching festive hat. The other outfit is a slick leotard that has a flesh colored and gold laced bust attached at the bottom to the bodice that has red vertical stripes and has red tights attached. The final touches for this outfit are the gold leather shoes and a straw hat with a large white feather attached. 
Get ready for Christmas early! It's a good price and with the free shipping, it's sweeter.

 Doll Market

Amazon. Com



Instructions from Mattel:
"Customize. Personalize. Play! Barbie Basics is all about permission to play and now Barbie Basics takes the fashion basic—denim—to new heights! This line of 12 dolls (9 girls and 3 boys) come in a variety of denim jeans featuring different cuts and colors with details such as real pockets and metal grommets. Each doll has a unique T-shirt to coordinate with the jeans. Each pair of girl jeans also features an embroidered “B” (Barbie logo) on one back pocket."

I'm relieved that I've been given permission to play. Phew!

Anyway, I think these dolls are fabulous in concept. If I collected Barbies, I'd buy every single one of them plus the accessory packs, especially if they had articulated bodies. Can you imagine?

I wonder why there is only one dark-skinned female doll out of 9 dolls. Am I missing something here?  Photos on the doll boards are showing that the clothes are fitting the Nu Face and Poppy Integrity bodies!
The going price at dealers is $24.95 for the dolls and $19.95 for the accessory packs. Amazon and eBay are overpriced. I've heard that Target in southern Florida is selling them at irregularly reduced prices.

BTW George at Angelic Dreamz told me today that he thinks he has them all in stock.


Amazon.Com for Toys and Dolls?

I have purchased many dolls and other items at Amazon through the years. 

A doll collector friend sent me some information yesterday about a book which is directed towards pedophiles and instructs them on how to avoid getting arrested and more. Amazon was challenged on several fronts about their selling of this book.

Re: Pedophilia's Publication Promoted on Amazon
Though they  removed the book after being inundated with protests Amazon already legitimized the pedophiliac's written publication and the very act of pedophilia by putting it on the mainstream website
They said "Amazon does not support or promote hatred or criminal acts"
I guess they do not deem molesting children a criminal act!!!
I am asking everyone I know to NOT purchase anything from Amazon for the months of November and December (I am hoping they are hit hard enough financially to see how outrageously unacceptable their actions were).
She asked me to let people know about this on my blog.
Well if you feel like reminding doll collectors on your blog that their toy purchases from Amazon might be better spent at an online store that doesn't support and profit from pedophilia - feel free.
I am hoping for there to be some financial impact (at least during Nov/Dec)  for their promotion of this pedophile - and their profit off of this entire situation.
It was and is beyond disgusting and the damage has been done - perhaps fiscal damage will be something Amazon understands.
They certainly don't recognizing the rape and molestation of children as damaging as they vehemently defended the issue as a "free speech" one.

You decide.


Blame it on FarmVille

Forgive my temporary disappearance. Blame it on the insanely addictive Facebook game, Farmville. I began playing a month ago. The game sucks the time from every day. But now it's time to get back to the real world of dolls. Twas fun while it lasted.

I did take the time to photograph a few Tonner men. I have very few male dolls remaining in my collection but I did add the Ultra Basic Jeremy Vos. He is just so pretty. In this picture of him he's wearing Edward Cullen's prom suit.

This is the Amazon Exclusive Edward Cullen that went on sale for an incredible $39.99 with free shipping. I bought him just for the suit.

This was Daniel Craig as Asriel Northbound from the Golden Compass. He is wearing a stunning and beautifully constructed Tonner suit from the Matt line. This doll is just stunning.

A new character recently introduced by Tonner is Simon Chase, Sydney's brother. I admit to having overpaid for this doll. Even though my doll dealer discounts off retail, he was still too expensive but I wanted the tuxedo. Simon is a bit too young looking for my girls.

My only other two men are two Trent dolls one of whom is pictured below with Gene. He is "Skiing or She-ing" Trent. This doll came with a fabulously creative and complete wardrobe of two outfits to wear on a ski trip. He is wearing pieces from another of his fashions made for polo. Amazing, right?
Heavenly Gene is seen wearing a Tonner outfit from many years ago. I just opened it for the first time. I can't remember the name of the fashion for now. My mind's been farmed out.