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Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor™ Barbie® Doll

With hair that oddly resembles that of Cruella DeVille, Mattel releases another half-stiff $100. doll. This one has posable arms and hands. That's a start.
There are many collectors who do Halloween displays and she will be perfect for that.

Carrying her “candelabra” and manor keys, Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor Barbie doll greets guests wearing a plum jacket featuring a dramatic bustle and a long, sweeping skirt. A wide swath of white runs through her black hair, which is pulled back into a bun. Earrings, a cameo brooch and Victorian-style boots are her elegant accessories, along with her Life in the Scream House “book.

At least she's not smiling.


Cupid's Kisses Barbie Doll

A new Barbie Fan Club Exclusive becomes available for sale today. She is "Cupid's Kisses Barbie Doll."  This doll sports a true vintage body complete with holes in her feet! I'm wondering if the included stand makes use of the vintage feet.
 Here is the description from the BC site:
Gold Label®
Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 1/22/2014
Product Code: BCR06
No more than 5000 units produced worldwide.
Our festive hostess celebrates Cupid’s favorite day with timeless gifts: a heart-shaped box of “chocolates,” a bottle of “perfume” and a teeny tiny greeting card. Her dress has a red bodice, short white sleeves and a skirt flocked with a design of flying cupids, hearts and bows. Accessories include a golden heart necklace, earrings, pretty white gloves and a red hair bow.

Doll Details

Body Type:1959 Vintage (holes in the feet) - Vinyl
Skin Tone:Nostalgic
Facial Sculpt:Nostalgic Barbie
Fashion Sewn On?:

Included with doll:
Doll stand, shoes, golden heart necklace, earrings, white gloves, red hair bow, heart-shaped box of chocolate, perfume, and greeting card

 Price $75.


Buy One Get One Free at Toys R Us - Very Little Remains

In the collectibles category, a few interesting items are still available under the  buy one get one free offer at Toys R Us.

They've been available for a while but at this price, you may want to get a few more of the Dolls of the World - . At two for $39.99 it's a pretty good buy.

On top of that, if you add something to bring your total to $49. or more, shipping is free.


Chrome Hearts Barbie Dolls

The clothes are to die for. The details are amazing but what else would one expect from Karl Lagerfeld? I was not familiar with Chrome Hearts clothing and jewelry as I rarely purchase things like $800. hoodies. (rarely=never) OK, so I'm sheltered, too. Putting fabulous clothes and edgy hairstyles on stiff-armed, weirdly proportioned 3-foot tall figures is artsy to say the least. How on earth is Mattel marketing this to these designers? There are much better looking dolls out there. Anyway, there is no resemblance to Barbie except for the stiff arms, perennial smile and the big head.

Is this Mattel's casual/punk version of Theatre de la Mode?

"Karl Lagerfeld's favorite ring-maker, Chrome Hearts (they make other stuff, too, like $800 hoodies and $190 trucker caps) has collaborated with Mattel's Barbie on a 12-doll retrospective.
Now, these are no ordinary pocket-Barbies, oh no. The Chrome Hearts Barbies are each more than 3 feet tall, dressed head-to-toe in intricately detailed Chrome Hearts clothing and jewelry, and they all have their hair done by celebrity stylist Oribe—who usually charges human clients about $500 for a haircut. The clothing, accessory, hair, and makeup detail is actually stunning—check it out in the gallery (above). The Barbies are valued at $18,000 to $25,000 each and will be on exhibit from April 10-24 at Roma Cohen's Alchemist in Miami, after which the tour will continue through New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Tokyo, and Shanghai."
Image and text from RACKED. Click on the link for more pictures and information about individual dolls.