Body Size Comparison of Tonner Dolls

Carol of Dreamcastle Dolls took this helpful photo of Tonner dolls so we could see the comparison of body types.

Reminder: You can click on the image to see a larger version.

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for posting. Am I understanding the Pin Up body is upper DeeAnna Denton-ish and the rest of the body is the Tyler style? I had this idea about a year ago.. but I couldn't make it happen. The Neck holes and the arms holes weren't right. I have always wished that Tonner would make the Tyler body have nicer, lady like hands. Oh well...

    Thanks for posting, Ms. Gold. :)

  2. @James: Why is Antoinette the only doll that can sit properly? The newer bodies should have been given those flexible hips. T

  3. Terri, you're right. The Tyler body dolls can't sit >_< I have 3 Tonner dolls on that body and it's beyond frustrating.

    And Antoinette body dolls can wear Ellowyne's clothes which is a big plus.


  4. Cool, glad you posted this. I have been dying to find a pic like this since I'm fairly new to Tyler & Evangeline & trying to buy close dress patterns to Evangeline, though she's missing from this pic, at least I can look at her next to my Tyler.

  5. @Debbie: Evangeline's body is different. There's a Yahoo group you can join to get lots of EG information about her size and where to get patterns.

  6. I think this is great! as i told you, I am a horrible wardrobe clothing thief for my Ellowyne crew purloinng what I can from other like dolls! I know I have to watch out for the waist with the Tonner fashion dolls but some of their outfits are to die for!

  7. This is an incredibly helpful website, thanks! Now I wish sellers on eBay would get their heads around the concept that Gene and Tyler dolls do NOT have compatible bodies!

    A great site to compare shoe sizes, which differ as well as body sizes is:


  8. Sorry to post on an older topic, but I wonder why Tonner decided to make all these different body types. It tough on new collectors because it's hard to find the right sized outfits. All these variances get downright confusing, haha.

  9. @Ternessa: If we can help with your specific questions, please email with the name of the doll.

  10. Can do and thanks. :)

  11. How many tonner dolls can wear tyler clothes

    1. It's really a complex answer in that the clothes themselves have different styling. If you have a specific doll in question, I will try to answer your query

  12. What clothes from other dolls can Ellowyne wear? i.e can she wear Tyler's clothes? Same for Evangeline can she wear any other dolls clothing? Thanks