Kingdom Doll Severine Gift Set

The fabulous Severine Frost Gift Set was offered for sale on 12/12/20 and shipped at the end of January 2021. Below is part of the back story of this doll who is the last of the 00 Fabulous line.

Severine Frost, code name (Miami) 

Ms. Frost wraps up our Blockbuster Storyline with an explosive conclusion.  Find out more about this mysterious Interpol agent's story upon her release at the end of January 2021.

All questions will be answered!!!...........

"What happens to Electra and does she succeed in her evil master plan"

"Who is Professor Patrick Lovestick and which side is he really on?"

"Just why did Athena Washington have a picture of Severine in that TOP SECRET file?"

[recap].......Penelope’s goal was to secure the sample before it could be used and return it intact to headquarters for testing. Unfortunately, the only way of the island was to dive into the ocean, swim out to the yacht where Interpol’s Severine Frost awaited her return.

"But will Lady P save the day?"......................

 About Severine Frost

  • Sculpt - Belgae
  • Resin Shade - 'Bournville' a cool deep brown tone.
  • Wig - Pale white ash blonde hard cap wig.
  • Eye Colour - Deep Blue.
  • Lips - a liquid matt lip in a deep pink berry inspired by the flushed hues of Rococo artists Watteau, Fragonard and Boucher.
  • Eyes - ‘Eye Soot’ is the secret to achieving intense serious smoky-eyed smolder, framed in a Satin Kajal Liner in a deep matte black then brushed with metallic pigment on her lid in burnt taupe.
  • Blush - warm terracotta 
  • Manicure - on hands and feet matches the color of her lips.
  • Body - fully blushed.

 Gift Set includes

  • Optic White Silk Tuxedo 
  • Pale Gold (faux leather) coat.
  • White and Gold Bikini.
  • White jeans with gold stitching.
  • Zebra silk chiffon pussy cat bow blouse.
  • Handcrafted resin shoes in pale gold.
  • Handcrafted resin shoes in turquoise.
  • 2 Handcrafted faceted resin bracelets in pale gold in different sizes.
  • 2 Handcrafted faceted clear resin bracelets with a tint of turquoise also in different sizes.
  • 1 pair of NEW KD signature sunglasses in gold and blush.
  • A stunning statement gold and crystal necklace
  • Dressing hands.
  • White gloved hands.
  • A glamorous flotation device.
  • A pistol.
  • A small clear case.
  • Accessories to help tell our 00 FABULOUS story!

In this photo, she is wearing a Superdoll sweater, a wig by Cholo and her own white jeans.

I'm wondering why the K and the D charms are reversed.

She is a wonderful addition to my doll collection. Her fashions are great mix-and-match pieces.

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