Keeki Adaeze, A New Doll from Integrity's New Meteor Line

The new line of dolls from Integrity Toys looks to be quite unique. The one doll that I was very attracted to was "Afterglow" Keeki Adaeze. Her spectacular coat did it for me. I did not order her when the W Club offered her to members but after I saw her IRL, I was lucky to find a member sell her to me for retail. She is here now and I'm mostly pleased.

She was not easy to photograph only because her boots are just soles with woven everything else. Her feet keep slipping off the soles. I need to come up with a solution - or not - but it's not a supportive type of foot covering. It should have been a slip-on shoe with the stocking attached. There had to be a better way that was not considered.
Her hair came with a product on it that I'll eventually wash out and I could have done with much less glitter on her eyelids.
She's wearing a flimsy mini dress that appears to be over a shirt but it's all one piece. Her neckpiece is a 2 piece magnetic rhinestone covered creation that is my favorite part of the fashion after the coat. The earrings dangle below her shoulders and her sparkly ring is lovely.

The new box is very attractive.

The Meteor body has been reworked thus:

"We know that for many customers, compatibility between brands is extremely important. After careful consideration, Meteor ladies feature a newly assembled doll body composed of the following components:
East 59th upper torso
Slightly re-engineered Color Infusion lower torso
Fashion Royalty/NU. Face arms and hands
Newly developed legs compatible with Fashion Royalty and NU. Face shoes."

Quite honestly, I wouldn't know the difference between Color Infusion torsos and East 59th torsos if they were to fall on me.

Here are some of her promotional photos.

The following are mine:


See the dots below? I don't know how they got here and I don't know how to get rid of them.

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