Summer Project Part VII - The End

This project wraps up with 3 gorgeous dolls.

July 6, 2019

Adele "Frosted Glamour" 2017
Dressed in her original fashion. 

It was difficult for me to get a really good photo of her outside so here is an indoor one that shows the shadows and highlights the way they should be.

Agnes Von Weiss "Devotion" W Club Exclusive 2018
Wearing original fashion.

I'm not a fan of the Agnes sculpt. I've had many and always wound up selling them and I wasn't sure if I'd keep this doll when she arrived. Well, she is staying! The jewelry and the henna are beautiful. The black dress doesn't do anything for me but it makes a decent backdrop for the rest. 

Isha "Divinity" 2018
Wearing original fashion.

The line of dolls called "Sacred Lotus Collection" by Integrity Toys is inspired and beautiful. I'm still expecting the Elise "Divinely Luminous,"  which is a W Club exclusive.


That does it for my 12" Integrity Toys collection. I have managed to halve it in the last three years. The process of photographing each doll this season has pointed out to me that I can still eliminate a few here and there but there are still many that I just love. They bring me joy.