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Fashion Royalty: Night Warrior Vanessa arrives from Japan

Number 20 Vanessa joins the tribe. While worthy of the name, she is quite different from her 19 sisters in that she represents a fictional character who wields a sword and might very well have jumped off the pages of a comic book. [Correction: I have been reminded that this doll was created to resemble the character who was played by Kate Beckinsale in the Van Helsing movie.]
Speaking of series, here is the series of Vanessa dolls From the first one in 2004, Shock Bonbon. through the latest, Night Warrior, they have all been ultra-feminine with the exception, perhaps, of Aerodynamic. She carries a chair instead of a sword. Could she be the pre-cursor of a line of weapon-carrying Fashion Royalty dolls? I would prefer the use of different sculpts for warrior dolls. But that's just me. All of the images below are the property of Integrity Toys unless otherwise noted.
Shock Bonbon

Fashionable Life Platinum

Fashionable Life Raven

Po├ęsie Sans Couleur

Runway Right Away

Intoxicating Mix
(Unknown Photographer)

True Royalty

Obsidian Society

Miami Glow

In Bloom
(Photo by Natasha Powers)

Pale Fire

Going Places
(Photo by Natasha Powers)

High Tide

Color Therapy

Metal Maven

Shirred Not Shaken

Cruise Control


Luxe Life

Night Warrior
Be very careful when zipping up her boots! They are rather tight and the pants might get caught in the teeth of the zipper. I taped the lower leg right down to her ankle to create a smooth surface and it was still difficult to move the slider.