Part 3 Tonner Male Dolls in My Collection

I have very few remaining Tonner male dolls - in fact, only five.  My favorite is my Daniel Craig.

Asriel Northbound from The Golden Compass
He is in the likeness of Daniel Craig. I adore this doll, not quite as much as I love the real Daniel Craig, but this will just have to do.
Wearing Manhattan Confidential.

Original Outfit


Jeremy Voss
Wearing Classic Tuxedo. May have been from "Black Tie" Matt O'Neill doll.


Father and Son-In-Law
Yes, two of my male dolls have been assigned roles. I rarely do that. They have wives. I'm not going to get into it but they are also Tonner gals and the four of them are inseparable.
Dumb story over.


Charlie Dodgson
Dressed in his original clothes.


James Fraser from Outlander
Wearing alternate clothes with restyled hair.


Aragorn from Lord of the Rings
Wearing an outfit by Chewin
Sadly, my current Aragorn's left hand is broken off and I'm trying to get a new body for him. 


  1. Oh please, tell us the intricate lives of your dolls, we really want to know. LOL

  2. Yes we do! :) Your Tonner male dolls are all handsome, especially Asriel.