Bobby Jones aka SonofEllis, Artist

Being a member of the wonderful doll community, I get to meet the most talented people. Recently, Bobby Jones emailed me to purchase something. I clicked on the link to his blog and discovered some very cool artwork and photos.

The first that caught my eye was this group of JamieShow male dolls. I love the way they're dressed and posed. They are from left to right Tatum, Ty, Kyle and Alejandro. I like Alejandro's flocked head. I don't recall him being available this way.

JamieShow Alejandro
Tonner Antoinette Onyx drawing by sonofellis
Tonner Antoinette Onyx drawing by sonofellis
Patrick Kelly Fashion Designer drawing by sonofellis
Check out Bobby's blog to see more great stuff at: http://sonofellis.blogspot.com/

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