36 High-Kicking Dismembered Doll Legs!

You are going to love this! Nokia N8 Pink has used Dynamite Dolls in an ad for their new 12mp smartphone. And there is an even better video showing how they made the ad.

Shout out to one of my dear friends for turning me on to these videos!


  1. Well, so much for my neck surgery-

    Seriously surprised this hasn't been done more often with the other "girls". A great way to see how a doll moves when animated in this way. Could help to sell a doll- certainly fun to watch and listen to, isn't it?. Awesome!!!

    Now, about that knee surgery.......

  2. Too cool ! See...even this creative team knows how fun it is to photograph and OOAK a doll! My friends think I am crazy! lol

  3. I really love "The Making of" clip.

  4. Debbie in PA6/2/11, 7:42 AM

    That was really fun to watch, Terri. Enjoyed both videos.