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Sybarites and a Lazy Photographer

I'm the lazy one. Here are three of my girls with their stands showing. I am so back-logged with my picture taking, I just don't have the patience to do a whole thing with each shot.

Toxica, Talc and Geometry wearing Venetian, Summer and Basique Deux.
The pink and green wigs are from Sour Grapes. The Blonde wig is from Champ Pac.


Toxica Plus

One of my favorite doll photographers goes by the name aquabluerose and posts regularly on Prego. I am not a collector of the beautiful Sybarite dolls but I appreciate her collection and her images. Gerri knows how to edit. I am sure she takes scores of pictures at each photo shoot and then chooses the best and only the best to post. It's so boring to open a post and see pictures of the same doll in the same outfit with a fraction of difference between each of about 10 pictures. I never look past the first two or three. But when one amazing image is posted I spend time oohing and aahing. 
Today she posted pictures of Toxica. Here is one of them:
Toxica "Sun"

After enjoying those, I drifted over to her website, infidel, to look at more.
Toxica "Blood Flower"
Play "Armadillo"