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Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Dolls from Ashton Drake

I don't have any familiarity with the Dark-Hunter series at all. I'm guessing they hunt vampires and I like vampires so there you go.
The artists over at Integrity Toys (who could that be?) have designed these dolls but AD is handling the distribution.
The first two dolls are called Acheron and Simi. AD's website for these characters states that "Each collectible Dark-Hunter doll is meticulously detailed with clothing and accessories straight off the pages of your favorite book. Symbolic of quality and collectability, each doll is handcrafted in premium materials and entirely hand painted." Entirely? Really? I'm impressed.
The images currently on the website are artist's renderings. Be forewarned. However, today, Integrity posted real pictures.

Who took these pictures? They do not show off the dolls well with the use of a soft focus and red lighting. I'm sure I could do a better job but they won't be here unless someone sends me one or two for free.

I would like her coffin handbag, though. Doesn't she look alot like Veronique? Integrity vehemently denies that it is the same sculpt. They say the two are completely new sculpts.

Retail Price: $149. each.
Availability date has not been announced as yet and although he was asked more than one time, David Buttry of Integrity Toys would not answer the question about edition numbers. I'm guessing because there are no edition numbers to be had.
I wouldn't order until I saw real life pictures and read reviews from buyers.